Weekly Activities

Want to see what actually goes on during a particular service, or an activity that you’re interested in? You’ve come to the right spot. We hope that whichever service you’re thinking about attending will be one that will help you see Jesus just a little bit more clearly, and that it will encourage you to want to know Him more.

Sunday Services

9:00 am- English Service

If English is what you feel most comfortable speaking and hearing, this will be the service for you. The entire service, from the singing to the sermon, is held in English. Songs are projected on a screen in the front, and English Bibles are available for you as well. Or feel free to use whatever Bible app you enjoy using. 🙂 It’s a pretty relaxed service, with coffee and tea available for when you arrive. Most of our attenders arrive 15 minutes before the service at the earliest, so no need to rush. The service ends around 10:00 am.

10:15 am- Sunday School

Sunday School is for all ages. For the children, we have age appropriate lessons that will help your child to see Jesus in a way that he or she will be able to easily understand. They will be able to participate in crafts that tie in to the lessons that they learn each week, and fun games that they will be sure to enjoy. During the singing time, your child can enjoy singing songs with you in the main auditorium on the first floor, and can then head upstairs for the children’s class when we divide into our respective classes.

For the adults, we offer a chance to dig in to the Bible to learn practical ways of growing as a Christian. It is generally taught in Japanese, but we do provide a full English transcript for you to follow along on what we are learning. From learning how to effectively study the Bible, to learning how to apply historical aspects of Christianity to your present life, to learning how to share the good news of Jesus with your friends and family, to learning how the early church in Acts ties in with the letters that were written to them in the New Testament. This time is geared toward the “how-to’s” of Christianity. We also take time at the beginning of the class to pray for each other and for those around us in our community. The Sunday school time usually ends around 11:15 am.

11:30 am- Japanese Service

This service is the most-attended service of the day. While the music and the sermon is in Japanese, this service also has an English transcript of the sermon available in the back (next to the Weekly Updates) for you to follow along. The music and the sermon are generally the same as in the English Service. It is a great time to enjoy spending time worshiping Jesus with Japanese Christians, as well as from other countries, including the Philippines, Peru, and China. You’re sure to find someone to get to chat with in your language during this service! Songs are displayed on the screen in the front of the auditorium, as well as in hymnals. Japanese and English Bibles are also available. If you’re not familiar with where to turn in the Bible, all of the verses are projected on the screen during the sermon for you as well. The Japanese service usually ends around 12:30 pm.

11:30 am- Kids’ Church

While the services are held downstairs in the main auditorium for the adults, children 6th grade and under can enjoy Kids’ Church upstairs. Kids’ Church is an exciting program where your child can learn the Bible through a variety of immersive activities. They will enjoy going through fun Bible workbooks, watch puppet skits, play games, memorize Bible verses, and make crafts, all while earning “gems” that can be used to purchase toys and prizes that are found in a real treasure chest!

12:30 pm- Lunch

Many of our church attenders enjoy spending time together after the service while eating lunch and catching up. Our ladies provide an excellent meal each week, and very often you get to enjoy the delicious aroma of the day’s meal as you enjoy the spiritual meal of the Bible. 🙂 There is plenty of food provided each week, and it’s our privilege to have you join us. For all of our first-time guests, we provide lunch free of charge as a small way to say, “Thanks for joining us.” Those who attend regularly simply drop ¥200 in the “lunch box.”

2:00 pm- Beginner’s Bible Study / English Conversation Class

If you don’t know that much about the Bible, but want it taught in an easy-to-understand way, this class is for you. We learn about who God is, who Jesus is, what is the Bible all about, what it means to be a Christian, as well as answer any questions you might have. We sit around a table, enjoying snacks and coffee or tea in a very relaxed, casual setting. The Bible study portion of this class usually lasts until around 3:00 pm. From then, we teach simple conversational English using a textbook. We learn how to use common English phrases that are used in daily conversations, and learn how and when to use them. The English conversation time ends at around 4:00 pm.

(All of our adult Sunday services are available to listen to on our Sermon page, where you can hear what our most recent sermons are, or find a topic on which you might be interested in hearing.)


Thursday Service

7:00 pm- Prayer Service

During the week, we gather together on Thursday evening to take time to sing, study the Bible, and pray for those in our church family, friends, family, those in our community, and other pastors and churches. It’s a great time to be refreshed and encouraged in the middle of a busy week. We usually finish around 8:30 pm.


2nd Saturday of the Month

2:00 pm- Ladies Meeting

On the second Saturday of each month, the ladies get together to study the Bible, and pray with each other as they enjoy snacks and coffee. Several times a year they also enjoy different activities like going shopping or visiting museums, or making creative crafts for home.

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