We’re so glad you’re here!
We hope you find everything you need to make your visit to Akigawa Baptist Church more enjoyable. We are continually amazed at God’s love and grace toward us, and it’s our greatest desire that you too can see how much God loves and cares for you!

Declaration of State of Emergency

Due to the declaration of a state of emergency in Tokyo, the services of Akigawa Baptist Church will be the Facebook and YouTube livestream services only. While we will not be able to gather together, we hope you will join us online as we worship Jesus .
We are planning to resume gathering after the emergency declaration is over, but due to the fluidity of the situation, we can’t say for certain when that will be . Please check back on this site or on Facebook to stay up to date. 

Live Streaming Service Schedule
10:00 am- English Service
11:00 am- Japanese Service

Click here to enjoy the services on Facebook Live.
Click here to enjoy the services on YouTube Live.
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