Summer Camp

Spend a few days enjoying the beauty of nature with other Christians from the Kanto area. Enjoy the peaceful experience of canoeing on a lake, or the excitement of hiking up a stream. Enjoy delicious food while catching up with friends. Be encouraged and challenged by helpful teaching of church pastors. Enjoy all this and more at this year’s summer camp. Don’t miss it!

Registration Deadline: Sunday July 26

Camp Fee– ¥20,000/person (16,000 camp fee, ¥4,000 travel expenses)

Family Discount– ¥16,000 for the first person, then ¥4,000 discount all other family members.
Fee for children ages 4~6 is ¥8,000 if accompanied by an adult family member.
Fee for children 0~3 is ¥1,000 if accompanied by an adult family member.

Camp Location: Minakami Bible Home


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