What to Expect

Regardless of whether you have been a Christian for a long time or whether you have never been to church in your life, going to a new church can be intimidating! Knowing what’s ahead makes the path a little easier to walk. So what can you expect when you come to Akigawa Baptist Church? Here is a helpful walk-through to help you enjoy your visit.

Where to park.

Parking is an important aspect here in Japan, and we want to make sure that the best spots are saved for you. It’s the last thing we want you to have to worry about. The parking area directly in front of the church is reserved for you. Feel free to pull in under the wood deck. If you have young children, it will ensure that you won’t have to worry about crossing the busy street with them.

If for some reason the area under the wood deck is full, we have an off-site parking area in the neighborhood directly opposite of the church, with five spots available. They are all clearly marked as parking for Akigawa Baptist Church.

This map will help you see where the parking location is. Parking Location Map

Entering the church.

As you enter the church building you will find the main entrance on the left side of the church. Our greeters will be more than happy to help you get settled in. The main auditorium can be entered in two ways. The first way is through the sliding doors to the right of the hallway as you enter the building, or you can walk to the end of the hall and enter in from the back doors. Feel free to have a seat wherever you feel comfortable.
Children have the upstairs reserved for them, where they can play, sing, listen to the Bible story for the day, and participate in activities that are designed just for them. They’re sure to have a great time!


Our services are designed to be a time where you can enjoy singing about Jesus, be encouraged and challenged with others through the teaching of God’s Word , and to get to know what it means to be a Christian. Feel free to grab a songbook available in the back, or simply sing from the projected words on the screen. If you don’t know the songs, or aren’t comfortable singing, enjoy listening to the voices of those around you. You can also grab a Bible from the back as well, to follow along with the sermon. The verses are also projected on the screen, so don’t worry if you don’t feel confident turning to passages you might not know where to find. Click here to get more details about each of our services. 

Drinks, Snacks, and Meals

We have coffee and a variety of teas available between services, as well as some light snacks for you to enjoy throughout the day. After the main service, we provide lunch if you would like to stay and enjoy a meal together with the rest of the church family. For our first time guests, the meal is free as our way of saying thanks for visiting us. After that, the cost is 200 yen per person.

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