Sermons by Ben Edwards

Psalm 139- The God Who Knows

On the surface, God knowing everything about you could seem intimidating and unsettling. But in Psalm 139, as David ponders the meaning of this truth, we find that he discovered that being fully known by God actually is gives us a great sense of security.

Psalm 86- When I Am Troubled, I Call On You

When you find yourself in trouble, calling on someone to help you is critical in finding rescue. In those times, who do you call on? What do you say? In the same way that WE use the psalms to help us in times of trouble, in Psalm 86, David uses scripture to help him as…

Psalm 56- From Fear to Faith

Sometimes fear can overwhelm us, with no hope of escape. In Psalm 56 David shows us what it means to be in fear, but also walks us through the steps of moving from the captivity of fear to freedom of faith and in our Father, even in the middle of fearful situations. So this begs…

Confidence in Deliverance

There are two things that work together to encourage, comfort, and help a believer in Jesus. Do you know what they are? Paul helps us to see how we get to work together with the Holy Spirit in providing that encouragement.