Sermons on Books of the Bible

The Body of Christ

God designed your body in an amazing way. All the different parts are made to both help each other and need each other. It’s the same way that God designed your church as the body of Christ. He designed each of us to both help each other and need each other.

Sharing Your Spiritual Gifts

What are the spiritual gifts? Why do we have them? Today we’re going to see that our spiritual gifts were designed as tools to be used to serve those around us. When we use them in the right way, we glorify Jesus by loving our brothers and sisters the way Jesus loves them.

How NOT to Take the Lord’s Supper

The Lord’s Supper is a special time that is meant to remind us of the sacrifice Jesus was willing to make for our redemption. It’s meant to be a time of joyful thanksgiving. But it’s also possible to approach it in the wrong way, which is what the Corinthian church did. How did they approach…

Head Coverings!?

The ladies in the church in Corinth had decided that wearing head coverings during their time of worship was unnecessary. For Paul, the issue was serious enough that it needed to be address. So what was going on? Why was it a big deal? And what can we learn from their situation?

Understanding Your Role

**We had an issue with our audio recording for this sermon. Our apologies! Within all kinds of relationships, we see a pattern that God as put into place that helps support the structure of the relationship. Each side of that relationship has a role to play. Each side trusts and relies on the other to…

Conscience Around the Dinner Table

As we’ve gotten a better understanding of what our conscience is, and how it works in our life, how do we actually apply it to our day-to-day circumstances? Like around the dinner table with the things we eat or drink? Today we’re going to see a very practical application of how our conscience helps us…

Questions of Conscience- Part Two

Today we look at the connections of our conscience to those around us. Why are our consciences different? How do we deal with those whose conscience isn’t the same as ours? And what should we be striving for as followers of Jesus even as our consciences guide us in different ways?

Questions of Conscience

Our conscience. It’s something that each of us have, and yet each person’s conscience is different. The more we can understand it, the better it can help us, not only with our walk with Jesus, but also with our relationships with those around us. Today, let’s look at two questions concerning our conscience. What is…