Sermons on Philippians

The Outflow of Grace

God’s grace in your life is a lot like water. The more it flows through you, the more life and growth blossoms out from it. Here are five different streams of grace that flow out of your giving of yourself to others.

The Outflow of Contentment

What happens when you find real contentment in Jesus? How does that contentment flow out into the rest of your life? What are the outward visible effects of an inward heart that is satisfied in Jesus?

Mind Control

Do you know how valuable your attention is? Companies spend an unbelievable amount of money to capture your attention for even just a few seconds. Let’s look at how important it is that WE are in control of our mind in our daily lives, and what those thoughts should be focused on.

Help for the Stumble

Sometimes, as you run together toward Jesus, your legs can get tangled up with one another and you can stumble in the race. When that happens, it can hurt. It can be hard to get back up. What do you do when that happens? There’s help for you!