Sermons on New Testament

Salvation: Behind the Scenes

Have you ever watched a movie and then watched the behind the scenes of how they made the movie? In our passage for today, Jesus spotlights some of the behind-the-scene things that He and His Father do to make our salvation possible.

Bread of Life

The day after Jesus fed over five thousand people, the crowd search for Jesus, hoping to experience an encore of of receiving the food they enjoyed the day before. But in our passage, we’re going to see that Jesus wants them to receive something MUCH greater than just another meal of bread and fish. He…

Master of the Storm

Less than 12 hours after Jesus displayed His glory to and through the disciples by feeding the multitude, He uses another difficult situation to help them to see clearly that He really is the Son of God. Today we will see how even the most difficult storms in life can become the clearest moments of…

Miracle Meal

Today we will look at one special miracle of Jesus. This miracle had a profound impact on the disciples. And this miracle has a profound impact on us as followers of Jesus ourselves. It is a great help not only to know who Jesus is, but also to trust what He does in our own…

Witnesses of the Son

In today’s passage, we are introduced to four witnesses who affirm that what Jesus says about Himself is true. Who are these witnesses? How do they affirm Jesus’ words? And finally, how should we respond to what these witnesses testify?

Son of God

In today’s passage, after healing the crippled man at the pool of Bethesda, Jesus tells the Jewish leaders why He has the authority to heal on the Sabbath. And in his answer, he reveals to them something amazing: that He truly is the Son of God!

Sabbath Healing

Some people who see the miracles of Jesus respond by believing that Jesus is the Son of God. Others who see the exact same miracles choose to reject Jesus. Today we will see how one person finds healing and restoration in Jesus and others choose to reject and persecute Him because of the third miracle…

Steps of Faith

Today, we’re going to see the second miracle of Jesus that John writes about. Each miracle is intended to help us see and believe that Jesus really is the Christ, the Son of God. Sometimes, it takes a few stages of faith for us to come to believe Jesus in that way. So John helps…


Today, we’re going to see how the Samaritan woman at the well is changed because of her conversation with Jesus. And we get to see how Jesus chooses her, the one person who was despised by everyone, to become the reason her whole town is also changed.