Sermons on New Testament

In the Beginning Was the Word

John begins his story of Jesus in a very unique way. He starts at the VERY beginning. Not the beginning of Jesus’ life on earth, but the beginning of time itself! Through his introduction, we see Jesus in a way that is hard to forget!

Jesus Through the Eyes of John

As we begin looking at the Gospel of John, we will be looking at Jesus through the eyes of John His disciple. As John grew to know Jesus more and more, the one who was nicknamed by Jesus as the Son of Thunder, was changed by Jesus, to one day be known as the Apostle…

The Mother of the Son of God

Being a mom is not easy. There are times when the work can be exhausting and difficult. Even when your son is the Son of God. But God is always faithful and will sustain you through this important role. Through Mary, we can learn several different ways God sustains us.

In the Image of Jesus

Today, we continue to look at what our resurrection bodies will be like. In the same way that our current bodies are made in the image of Adam, our resurrection bodies will be made in the image of Jesus.

The Resurrection Body

Have you ever wondered what kind of body you’re going to be like when Jesus returns one day to raise you up from the dead? Today’s passage will give us several visual hints to help us know a little more of what it will look like.

Changed by the Gospel

Jesus’ resurrection gives us great hope! But what does that hope look like when we go through difficult struggles? How does having a clear perspective of Jesus’ resurrection help us during those times? And what happens if we lose that perspective?