Sermons on New Testament

Facing the Cross

Having just entered Jerusalem, Jesus is just a few days from facing the cross. Today, Jesus reveals a little bit of the struggle He was already experiencing in his heart. What was it about the cross that Jesus dreaded? And why was Jesus willing to endure the very cross he dreaded?

Responses to a Resurrection

We have ways to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, but how would you celebrate someone coming back to life? Today we look at the way Mary, Martha, and Lazarus displayed their love and thankfulness to Jesus for raising Lazarus from the dead.

The Resurrection and the Life

Today we get to see two sisters who were about to experience the most incredible miracle of Jesus they had ever seen. But before that happened, they also experienced the love of Jesus who was with them in their sorrow.

When He Doesn’t Say “Yes”

When we pray and Jesus does not answer “yes” to our prayers, how do we respond? Today we will look at two sisters who went through just such an experience. Through their experience, we will see how Jesus works in unseen ways, even when He does not answer with a “yes”.

The Door of the Sheep

The Bible often uses sheep to describe people. In a spiritual sense, it’s amazing how much help and care we need, just like sheep! In John 10, Jesus is going to use the relationship between a shepherd and his sheep to help us see more clearly who He is as our Shepherd.

Second Sight

Today we’re going to see that physical sight isn’t the only sight Jesus gives the man who was born blind. The sight Jesus gives this man a second kind of sight that is even more valuable, spiritual sight.