Sermons on New Testament

Words That Build Love

How do we use the spiritual gifts that involve our words to lovingly build up the body of Christ? Paul compares two spiritual gifts to show us the importance of understanding the purpose of the gifts as we use them.

The Right Tool for the Job

Which tool you use for a project is important. A tool that is good for one job may not be good for a different job. The task at hand determines what tool fits best. In the same way, God gives us different tools called spiritual gifts to help us build up the body of Christ…

What the Spiritual Gifts Look Like

In 1 Corinthians 12 and 13, Paul teaches the Corinthian about how to use the spiritual gifts as tools to love their brothers and sisters. Now in chapter 14, he gives them a practical “how-to” lesson in applying the the things he taught them. For us, it’s easier to understand Paul’s lesson by first seeing…

The Things That Remain

Temporary things? Or things that last forever? These are the things that help us determine where to keep our main focus. This also applies to how we see our spiritual gifts and what they produce: love.

Boxes of Love

Spiritual gifts are an important part in the life of of a Christians. Especially when they are used to deliver the gift of love to those around them.