Sermons on Old Testament

Psalm 146- The King’s Limitless Help

What must it feel like to finally reach home after a long journey? Psalm 146 is the first of the last five psalms that praise and glorify God for His never-ending, limitless love and care for those who are in His kingdom.

Psalm 139- The God Who Knows

On the surface, God knowing everything about you could seem intimidating and unsettling. But in Psalm 139, as David ponders the meaning of this truth, we find that he discovered that being fully known by God actually is gives us a great sense of security.

Psalm 116- “Rescued” A Story

In Psalm 116, we’re going to see someone in Israel telling the story of how God helped him thousands of years ago. At the same time, we’ll also see how his story shows us a wonderful picture of how the Messiah helps us.

Psalm Book 5- Going Home

The fifth book of Psalms tells a beautiful story of how God protects his people while they are in exile, and then gently leads them home, where they will be with Him forever, enjoying the blessings of His care for them as those who are part of His Kingdom.