Sermons on Psalms

Psalm 116- “Rescued” A Story

In Psalm 116, we’re going to see someone in Israel telling the story of how God helped him thousands of years ago. At the same time, we’ll also see how his story shows us a wonderful picture of how the Messiah helps us.

Psalm 101- Protecting Your Heart of Worship

In Psalm 101, David shows how our worship doesn’t just come from our words of praise, but also from a life that flows out of a pure heart. There are things around us that could corrupt our heart though. What are they, and how do we shield our heart from them?

Psalm 96- The Chorus of Praise

Today we’re going to look at the second step of restoring your confidence in God during difficult times. Once we take the first step of remembering God’s goodness and faithfulness, the next step is to have the right response toward what we remember. What is that response? Praise!

Psalm 90- God’s Timeline -vs- My Timeline

In Psalm 90, Moses uses the differences between how God interacts with time and how we interact with time to help us see the importance of trusting God, even when his provision and care for us isn’t necessarily on the same timeline as us.

Psalm Book 4- Looking Back to Move Forward

While Book 3 describes the crisis of faith that Israel endured in the exile, Book 4 describes the way to move forward in your faith once again. It does that by calling us to look back to remember God’s faithfulness. And as we remember who God is, our response of worship and praise compels us…