Sermons by Steve Carter

Worship That Builds Love

As we gather to worship encourage, strengthen, and build up our brothers and sisters, Paul reminds us of the importance of letting the cohesion of worship display God’s beauty and glory, rather than letting our own self-centered desires muddy up that display of who God is.

What the Spiritual Gifts Look Like

In 1 Corinthians 12 and 13, Paul teaches the Corinthian about how to use the spiritual gifts as tools to love their brothers and sisters. Now in chapter 14, he gives them a practical “how-to” lesson in applying the the things he taught them. For us, it’s easier to understand Paul’s lesson by first seeing…

The Things That Remain

Temporary things? Or things that last forever? These are the things that help us determine where to keep our main focus. This also applies to how we see our spiritual gifts and what they produce: love.

What Love Looks Like

Love is complex and deep! It can be felt differently and expressed differently in all kinds of situations. So what is the best way to describe love? What does love look like?

The Body of Christ

God designed your body in an amazing way. All the different parts are made to both help each other and need each other. It’s the same way that God designed your church as the body of Christ. He designed each of us to both help each other and need each other.