Sermons on Matthew

In Christ I Am An Investor in My Eternity

Because you’re in Jesus, you have an amazing opportunity in front of you. You get to invest in your future in eternity by how you use your time, your possessions, your abilities, and your spiritual gifts here in this life. In Christ, you get to invest in your eternity!

In Christ I Am Made Righteous

What does it mean to be perfect, what the Bible calls righteous? Seems like a difficult task doesn’t it? More like impossible? In one way, yes. But in another way, not at all. Because you are in Jesus, the position of perfect righteousness is already yours!

Looking Forward Sunday

On this Sunday we remind ourselves of the core values of our church family and look ahead to how we can grow in our love for God and one another. ** This recording was cut short due to technical difficulties. Our apologies.

A Mother’s Burden

Being a mom is a tough job. There are many expectations and pressures that get placed on her. There are times when being a mom is a heavy burden to bear. For every mom who bears this heavy burden, Jesus offers great peace and comfort.