Sermons on Philippians

The Secret of Contentment

Staying content can be incredibly difficult, can’t it? Doesn’t it sometimes feel like life is an endless cycle of moving from a state of “not having” to “having” in our pursuit for satisfaction? What’s the secret to finding and then maintaining contentment? Where can we go to discover the secret?

Mind Control

Do you know how valuable your attention is? Companies spend an unbelievable amount of money to capture your attention for even just a few seconds. Let’s look at how important it is that WE are in control of our mind in our daily lives, and what those thoughts should be focused on.

Running Partners

Having a running buddy is great. The camaraderie, the encouragement as you push each other toward the goal is so helpful. This is also true in your Christian walk as you run in knowing Jesus more. What can we look for in finding a good running buddy?