Sermons on Church Family

What is the Lord’s Supper?

Today we’re going to look at the Lord’s supper. What is it? And how does it identify us as followers of Jesus when we take part in it? To help us, we’re going look at the Passover meal that Jesus and his disciples were eating when He set in place this time of remembering.

What is Baptism?

One of the last things Jesus told his disciples before He ascended into Heaven was to teach people to follow Him, and baptize them. This was important to Jesus. So why is it important? And what does baptism actually mean?

The Crown of Glory for a Crown of Thorns

As we take part in the Lord’s supper as a church family, we take time to remember how Jesus was willing to set aside His crown of Glory as King of all creation to take on the crown of thorns as one who would be despised and rejected by the very ones He created.

The Spiritual Gift of Showing Mercy

The spiritual gift of showing mercy is the special ability given by the Holy Spirit to recognize when people are going through emotional or spiritual difficulty, and then encourage them by providing comfort and support through either physical or spiritual help. How is it seen in Scripture, and how do we see it in our…

The Spiritual Gift of Serving

The spiritual gift of helps (or serving) may seem less “spiritual” because of its primary focus on the physical aspect of life. The reality is that it has profound spiritual impact on the church family, and has a critical role in the growth of the body of Christ.

The Spiritual Gift of Exhortation

“Paraklesis.” It’s an interesting Greek word that isn’t easy to define, in English or in Japanese. But the Bible gives us an amazing picture of what this spiritual gift is, through several surpising ways. It shows us how we can, through this gift of exhortation, walk alongside others to encourage and challenge them to follow…

The Spiritual Gift of Pastor-Teaching (Shepherding)

The gift of pastor-teaching, or shepherding is a key gift in the church family. It is a gift that anyone in the church can have, not just the pastor. This gift can be described as the Holy Spirit enabled ability to care for the spiritual well-being of the flock of Jesus. Do you have this…