Jesus Through the Eyes of John

Like Father, Like Son

There are a lot of similarities between fathers and sons. In our passage, Jesus uses those similarities to describe father-son connections. First to describe His connection with Himself and God the Father, but also to point out the connection that certain people claimed to have with God wasn’t really there.

The Truth that Sets You Free

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free”? This was something Jesus said. So what was Jesus talking about when He said that? What is the truth He’s talking about, and what does that truth set us free from?

Coming and Going

Today we’re going to see people who chose not to follow Jesus. Instead of walking in the life of the light of Jesus, we will see that they continue to walk in darkness, even when Jesus the Light is standing right in front of them. What does Jesus reveal to them about their condition?


Today we see the amazing joy of seeing that we are no longer condemned for our sins because of Jesus’ gift of grace to us!

When You Don’t Understand

Have you ever read the Bible and come across something that isn’t just hard to understand, but maybe even a little hard to accept? Things that make you wonder “Why did God do that?” or “Why did Jesus say that?” Today we come to a passage just like that. And we get to see different…

Bread of Life

The day after Jesus fed over five thousand people, the crowd search for Jesus, hoping to experience an encore of of receiving the food they enjoyed the day before. But in our passage, we’re going to see that Jesus wants them to receive something MUCH greater than just another meal of bread and fish. He…

Master of the Storm

Less than 12 hours after Jesus displayed His glory to and through the disciples by feeding the multitude, He uses another difficult situation to help them to see clearly that He really is the Son of God. Today we will see how even the most difficult storms in life can become the clearest moments of…

Miracle Meal

Today we will look at one special miracle of Jesus. This miracle had a profound impact on the disciples. And this miracle has a profound impact on us as followers of Jesus ourselves. It is a great help not only to know who Jesus is, but also to trust what He does in our own…