Sermons on John

In Christ I Am A Part of God’s Temple

Because you are in Christ, you are part of His Temple. But what does that mean? And what does that have to do with my value and significance in Him? The more we understand this amazing privilege that is ours, the more it will motivate us to love and serve our church family, and to…

In Christ I Am a Friend of the King

One incredible aspect of who you are in Jesus is the special relationship that you have with Jesus Himself. Jesus the King is your friend. What exactly does that relationship look like in your life? And how can you and I reciprocate that special friendship with the King of Kings?

In Christ I Am A Child of God

Being a child of God is a fundamental part of who we are in Jesus. But what does it mean to be God’s child? As we begin to look at this uniquely special relationship that we’ve been given, we discover an amazing privilege that is ours because of that relationship.

Next Step: Abiding and Obeying

How do we take real, visible steps of following Jesus? How do we take the Jesus in the Bible, and actually live out in our lives what we see in Him? This is the topic we dig into today, and we discover an incredibly helpful connection between abiding in Jesus, and obeying Jesus. Passages used…