Sermons on John

Worship: in Spirit and in Truth

We’ve been going through a conversation that Jesus had with the Samaritan woman at the well. Today we come to a very important part of the conversation. The woman is going to ask Jesus a question about worship, and from Jesus’ answer, we can learn a lot about how WE are to worship God too!

Living Water

Today, through Jesus’ conversation with the woman at the well, we’re going to learn that just as much as we need physical water for life, there is another kind of water that we need too. A kind of water that gives us spiritual life.

Come to the Light

Today we finish Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus. Jesus closes his conversation by using darkness and light to show Nicodemus something that everyone, including us, must overcome in order to receive by faith the life Jesus gives.

Lifted Up by Love

In today’s passage, Jesus uses an interesting passage to help us see just how much God loves us, and how far God was willing to go to bring us into His kingdom.

You Must Be Born Again

Today we come to one of the most famous chapters in all the Bible. It’s a conversation Jesus has with a man to help him understand what has to happen for him to have eternal life. What Jesus tells this man is so helpful for us to understand what salvation is, and what actually happens…

Temple Cleansing

Jesus sometimes does things that take us a while to understand why. Today we will look at a situation where Jesus did just that for His disciples. Through an unexpected act in the Temple in Jerusalem, Jesus gave His disciples a huge hint about Himself that they would only come to understand later.

The First Sign

Today we look at the first of seven miracles that John describes as he tells his story of Jesus. Each of these miracles are signs that are specifically chosen to show us that Jesus is truly the Son of God.