Sermons on Romans

What is Baptism?

One of the last things Jesus told his disciples before He ascended into Heaven was to teach people to follow Him, and baptize them. This was important to Jesus. So why is it important? And what does baptism actually mean?

Questions of Conscience- Part Two

Today we look at the connections of our conscience to those around us. Why are our consciences different? How do we deal with those whose conscience isn’t the same as ours? And what should we be striving for as followers of Jesus even as our consciences guide us in different ways?

In Christ I Am A Part Of His Body

The physical body has many parts that have unique attributes and functions. In the same way, because we are in Christ, each of us also have unique attributes and roles. How are we sustained by one another as the body of Christ?

In Christ I Am Forgiven

Have you ever had someone do something wrong to you or someone you love? you know the pain that comes from that, right? Forgiving that person can be very difficult, can’t it? What happens when God is the one who is wronged, and we’re the ones who’ve wronged him? Today we see what it means…

In Christ I Am Sealed By His Spirit

Today we look at the third of the special relationships that we have because we are in Jesus. As ones who have put our faith in Jesus, we are sealed with the Holy Spirit, who was promised to us by Jesus Himself. What does it mean to be sealed by the Holy Spirit? Discover with…

The Christian’s Perspective on Sickness

Why do we as humans suffer through diseases and infections like the corona virus? What does the Bible tell us about where sickness came from? What hope does the Bible offer to us? How does a Bible-shaped perspective of sickness help us to see that we CAN respond in hope and comfort, and even joy,…