Sermons on John


Our passage today is about a sad story. It’s about someone who was “two-faced:” he was walking with Jesus, but at the same time, following Satan. His name is Judas. In this story though, Jesus knew exactly who Judas was, and what he was going to do. And yet Jesus let Judas do it anyway…

Loving His Own To the End

In our passage today, John wants us to see just how much Jesus, AS God the Son, loves those who belong to Him. While fully knowing that He is just a few hours away from the cross, Jesus still lovingly caring for the needs of His own beloved disciples.

Final Call

In our passage in John, Jesus is now just one day away from the cross. It’s time for Jesus to focus on caring for His disciples. But some time before Jesus goes to eat supper with His disciples, He does something amazing. He gives one final call for people to put their trust in Him.

Walk in the Light

Have you ever gone hiking and run out of daylight? The last place you want to be is in the darkness where you can’t see the path anymore. In today’s passage, Jesus reminds us of how important this is in a spiritual sense: to walk in the light while you have the light.

Facing the Cross

Having just entered Jerusalem, Jesus is just a few days from facing the cross. Today, Jesus reveals a little bit of the struggle He was already experiencing in his heart. What was it about the cross that Jesus dreaded? And why was Jesus willing to endure the very cross he dreaded?

Responses to a Resurrection

We have ways to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, but how would you celebrate someone coming back to life? Today we look at the way Mary, Martha, and Lazarus displayed their love and thankfulness to Jesus for raising Lazarus from the dead.