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A Mother’s Burden

Being a mom is a tough job. There are many expectations and pressures that get placed on her. There are times when being a mom is a heavy burden to bear. For every mom who bears this heavy burden, Jesus offers great peace and comfort.

The Spiritual Gift of Showing Mercy

The spiritual gift of showing mercy is the special ability given by the Holy Spirit to recognize when people are going through emotional or spiritual difficulty, and then encourage them by providing comfort and support through either physical or spiritual help. How is it seen in Scripture, and how do we see it in our…

The Spiritual Gift of Exhortation

“Paraklesis.” It’s an interesting Greek word that isn’t easy to define, in English or in Japanese. But the Bible gives us an amazing picture of what this spiritual gift is, through several surpising ways. It shows us how we can, through this gift of exhortation, walk alongside others to encourage and challenge them to follow…

The Spiritual Gift of Pastor-Teaching (Shepherding)

The gift of pastor-teaching, or shepherding is a key gift in the church family. It is a gift that anyone in the church can have, not just the pastor. This gift can be described as the Holy Spirit enabled ability to care for the spiritual well-being of the flock of Jesus. Do you have this…

The Spiritual Gift of Speaking in Tongues

What was the spiritual gift of speaking in tongues actually like in the early Church? What was the purpose for the gift? How was it used during the gathering of the church, and how does that apply to us now? These are the things that we look at during our study of the gift of…