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The Connections of Worship

How much of worship is connected to other areas of my life? How far do those connections go? What about my connection to things that are worshipped that aren’t the God of the Bible? How far do those connections go in affecting my relationship with God?

A Way of Escape

Did you know that the words “trial” and “temptation” both come from the same word in the Bible? So when does it become a trial, and when does it become a temptation? And how does God help me through each situation?

Walking on the Edge

Sometimes it’s important to recognize where you’re walking. The last thing you want is to be walking along the slippery edge of a cliff, yet completely oblivious to the danger you’re in. This is something that Christians can do too. And the warning to be careful is important to heed.

Freedom Gained, Freedom Lost

Today we’re going to look at a group of people who received and experienced complete freedom from God in amazing and miraculous ways, and yet lost the blessings that came with that freedom because of their lack of faith, satisfaction, and obedience in the One who gave them their freedom.

Run to Win

How is sharing the Good News of Jesus similar to running in a race? In today’s passage, Paul uses a famous Corinthian sporting event to help us see how giving up certain liberties can be directly tied to sharing the Gospel with others.