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Come and See

Each of us has encountered Jesus from different backgrounds and circumstances. And from that encounter, each of us is changed in different ways as we see Jesus more clearly. The same was true for those who first met Jesus. Today we will look at how their encounters with Jesus began to change their lives.

The Father and the Son

As we’re going through the series, Jesus through the Eyes of John, today for Father’s Day, we’re going to look at the relationship that Jesus, God the Son, had with God the Father that John saw and shared with us. And we’ll see how that relationship connects to our relationship with our Heavenly Father, and…

The Great Heart Doctor

Did you know that you’re suffering from a serious condition? It’s not just you. Everyone is suffering from it. And there’s only One person who is capable of helping you with it. From today’s passage, we see someone introduce us to the Great Doctor who can heal our heart.

Jesus Through the Eyes of John

As we begin looking at the Gospel of John, we will be looking at Jesus through the eyes of John His disciple. As John grew to know Jesus more and more, the one who was nicknamed by Jesus as the Son of Thunder, was changed by Jesus, to one day be known as the Apostle…

The Mother of the Son of God

Being a mom is not easy. There are times when the work can be exhausting and difficult. Even when your son is the Son of God. But God is always faithful and will sustain you through this important role. Through Mary, we can learn several different ways God sustains us.

Building Up Together

Today we finish our study of 1 Corinthians by looking at Paul’s final greetings to the Corinthian church family. Through his greetings, we see an amazing aspect of how people within the church, not just the shepherds, are actively working to help build up the church.