We hope that the sermons here at Akigawa Baptist Church will be a help to you in your walk with God.
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Supplies for the Journey

When I go hiking, I go through my backpack to make sure that I have the things I need to help me throughout the trip. This is a lot like us in preparing for the new year. It’s good to prepare for the next year’s journey with a fresh reminder of the many things that…

Christmas Gifts of Grace

Opening a gift and finding something you can use once or twice is great. But to have a gift that you can open every day to find something you need for that day is amazing! This is what Jesus gives us through His birth: incredible gifts of grace!

When You Don’t Understand

Have you ever read the Bible and come across something that isn’t just hard to understand, but maybe even a little hard to accept? Things that make you wonder “Why did God do that?” or “Why did Jesus say that?” Today we come to a passage just like that. And we get to see different…

Miracle Meal

Today we will look at one special miracle of Jesus. This miracle had a profound impact on the disciples. And this miracle has a profound impact on us as followers of Jesus ourselves. It is a great help not only to know who Jesus is, but also to trust what He does in our own…