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Changed by the Gospel

Jesus’ resurrection gives us great hope! But what does that hope look like when we go through difficult struggles? How does having a clear perspective of Jesus’ resurrection help us during those times? And what happens if we lose that perspective?


Jesus’ resurrection has a huge personal impact on our lives. But there’s a lot more going on in the story of Jesus’ resurrection. Today we get to see how Jesus’ resurrection impacts the story of all of history.

First Fruits

What would it have meant for us if Jesus hadn’t risen from the dead? And what does it mean for us because Jesus has risen from the dead?

Gospel Centered Perspective

How does seeing your life clearly from the perspective of the Gospel help you to follow Jesus each day? But what happens when part of that perspective of the Gospel is missing? How does that affect your walk with Jesus, and more importantly your faith in Him?

Worship That Builds Love

As we gather to worship encourage, strengthen, and build up our brothers and sisters, Paul reminds us of the importance of letting the cohesion of worship display God’s beauty and glory, rather than letting our own self-centered desires muddy up that display of who God is.